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Remote Condition Monitoring for Railway Assets

The TrackSense Remote Condition Monitoring system is the culmination of over 30 years providing railways around the world with industry-leading monitoring solutions


Simple and quick installation


Modular, cost-effective solution


Automatic machine learning


Advanced predictive analytics & fault finding


Near Limitless applications

TrackSense 100% is designed and manufactured in​ Australia

TrackSense enables you to quickly take charge of the health and performance of your network assets

Simple to install and packed full of features that will empower and assist you to make better decisions

Intuitive plug & play hardware gets you monitoring within minutes

We’ve designed our hardware to be as easy as possible to install, configure and use

Get deep insights with TrackSense and improve the efficiency of your railway network

A multi-sensor smart system for predicting faults and improving maintenance planning. TrackSense is specifically designed to meet the needs of the railway industry

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TrackSense Cloud Platform

The TrackSense Cloud enables you to oversee the real-time health and predicted degradation of all assets in your network from anywhere

Using industry-leading data analysis, TrackSense gives you deep insights and allows you to improve the efficiency of your railway network.

TrackSense Asset Health Overview

TrackSense Cloud gives you oversight of your system’s health/performance from anywhere
Asset trend view for predictive alerts and monitoring gradual performance degradation
View and compare individual movement’s signatures for analytics, alerts and fault finding

Modular Flexibility

TrackSense was designed with you and your organisation in mind. The DIN mounted backbone design allows you to expand, upgrade and replace modules quickly and easily – usually even without any system downtime.


TrackSense’ modular design means you can purchase only what you need and expand your site with more I/O at any time to monitor more/different assets.

For instance, if you had a setup for Points Monitoring including a processor and analog extender and wanted to monitor 3 extra points machines and the Earth insulation of 2 Busbars, simply connect 1 extra Analog Extender and 2 EIM modules.


Whenever we bring out a new module, your current hardware won’t be made redundant – you can simply slot the new module in and upgrade your site.


Hardware repairs and replacements are made simple and generally won’t even require any site down-time. All you need to do is unplug the damaged module and replace it with new/repaired hardware.

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Who are we?

MRD Rail Technologies have been a specialist in the design and manufacture of condition monitoring products since 1991. We have supplied rail networks around the globe with cutting-edge solutions which were designed and manufactured in-house. This allows us a lot of freedom to be creative and innovate, while carefully controlling important factors like cost, quality and lead times.

With an invested focus in the field of asset condition monitoring, our products include rail signalling test and measurement equipment, automatic relay testers, passenger information systems, AWS equipment and more.

The MRD Team have passion and expertise for developing innovative hardware and software solutions that change the way the railway industry approaches network reliability and maintenance. Our products make it simpler for remote operators to monitor the condition of crucial track machinery and obtain the information they need to make timely maintenance decisions based on both exact,and predicted, condition.


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