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A simple and easy way to manually test your relays

RelayPro is the go-to mobile test kit for BR930, PN150, PN250, B1 and B2 relay types


Fast and Reliable Testing

Automated relay testing


No Computer Necessary

Fully stand-alone operation


Web App for Remote Access

Easy remote data viewing


Auto Relay Type Detection

Using code-pins for detection


Results on Screen

Simple pass / fail format

RelayPro 100% is designed and manufactured in​ Australia

RelayPro gives you a durable, mobile test kit for BR930, PN150, PN250, B1 and B2 relay types

Operating through the RelayPro software on a laptop or computer, RelayPro gives you the ability to change both operation values and specification parameters on the fly, making it simple and easy to manually test your relays however you need to

  • Coil resistance

  • Coil power

  • Operate and Release voltage and current

  • Contact resistance

  • Contact switch time

  • Contact configuration check

  • Code-pin match

RelayPro Frequently Asked Questions

  • Coil voltage: 0 – 50V DC
  • Coil current: 0 – 500mA
  • Coil type: Single, Dual (Twin), Latch and Current
  • Up to 20 contacts testable

ARTC Certificate Number S 09-1330-134

Test Base BR930 Relays RP-TB-BR930

Test Base PN150 Relays RP-TB-PN150

Test Base PN250 Relays RP-TB-PN250

Test Base NS1 Relays RP-TB-NS1

• Up to 20 contacts testable

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RelayDoc is a product of MRD Rail Technologies

Who are we?

MRD Rail Technologies have been a specialist in the design and manufacture of condition monitoring products since 1991. We have supplied rail networks around the globe with cutting-edge solutions which were designed and manufactured in-house. This allows us a lot of freedom to be creative and innovate, while carefully controlling important factors like cost, quality and lead times.

With an invested focus in the field of asset condition monitoring, our products include rail signalling test and measurement equipment, automatic relay testers, passenger information systems, AWS equipment and more.

The MRD Team have passion and expertise for developing innovative hardware and software solutions that change the way the railway industry approaches network reliability and maintenance. Our products make it simpler for remote operators to monitor the condition of crucial track machinery and obtain the information they need to make timely maintenance decisions based on both exact,and predicted, condition.

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MRD RelayPro

RelayPro is a portable automatic relay tester that performs rapid testing and analysis of a relay’s condition based on the manufacturer’s specification


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