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Insulation Monitoring for Railways

Without Earth Insulation Monitoring, floating IT systems are just a false sense of security for your personnel and system.

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Continuous Insulation Monitoring


Remote Condition Monitoring System


Predictive Maintenance & Alerts


Simple Installation & Operation


Compact Unit Size for Maximum Space Spaving

EarthSense 100% is designed and manufactured in​ Australia

Designed to measure insulation resistance in unearthed IT systems

Despite all of the safety built into our electrical rail systems, failures can and do occur

By providing constant monitoring and instant notifications of threshold breaches, EarthSense® Insulation Monitor significantly reduces the likelihood of failure or accidents due to electrical ground faults.

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Avoid hazardous conditions

The Interlocking circuits in railway signaling are often supplied from battery or power supply sources in which neither of the poles are connected to earth

In the event of a single fault, there is no danger, however, two or more faults occurring at the same time could create a dangerous situation

It is vitally important to supervise the battery and power supplies continuously to prevent this from happening.

Cables that run in parallel with AC electrified railways are subjected to induced voltages. If a ground fault occurs in the cable, these voltages can disturb devices that are connected to both cables. When ground faults occur in both supply and return wires, yet another hazardous condition is created.

These faults can be detected reliably with EarthSense.

EarthSense® monitors and detects ground faults in electrical installations where high reliability of power supply is required

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Looking for a portable Remote Insulation Condition Monitor?

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EarthSense Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the EarthSense comes with a sunlight readable OLED display

Yes, EarthSense has Modbus RTU on RS485

Yes, EarthSense has remote test and reset functions

Flexible channels allow monitoring of either AC or DC busbars

Nominal supply voltage

  • Option A 85 – 264V AC
  • Option B 9.6 – 96V DC


Frequency range AC 50 – 60Hz

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RelayDoc is a product of MRD Rail Technologies

Who are we?

MRD Rail Technologies have been a specialist in the design and manufacture of condition monitoring products since 1991. We have supplied rail networks around the globe with cutting-edge solutions which were designed and manufactured in-house. This allows us a lot of freedom to be creative and innovate, while carefully controlling important factors like cost, quality and lead times.

With an invested focus in the field of asset condition monitoring, our products include rail signalling test and measurement equipment, automatic relay testers, passenger information systems, AWS equipment and more.

The MRD Team have passion and expertise for developing innovative hardware and software solutions that change the way the railway industry approaches network reliability and maintenance. Our products make it simpler for remote operators to monitor the condition of crucial track machinery and obtain the information they need to make timely maintenance decisions based on both exact,and predicted, condition.

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Multi-Channel Remote Earth Insulation Monitoring

MRD EarthSense

The EarthSense insulation monitor serves as an early warning system by providing notifications when the impedance between an active phase conductor and earth has dropped below set values.


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